Program Details

What is Make: Learning Labs

Make: Learning Labs is an inclusive, transformative experience designed for young adults who have not decided whether to pursue a four-year college degree or what kind of job or career to pursue. We believe, “It’s not about what you know — it’s about what you can do with what you do.” Make: Learning Lab focuses on applied learning, which is to say, “learning by doing.” Through a series of labs, you will demonstrate what you’re capable of doing.

Program Overview

Make: Learning Labs is a four-month immersive program that provides a practical, hands-on approach to creative problem solving, communications, and collaboration. Students in the program will be part of a cohort, learning and making together. Learning Labs introduces participants to the tools and technologies that makers use to develop projects, and you will develop one or more independent projects. Like learning sports, music, or art, the key is that you commit to practicing.

Maker's Dozen

A fellowship program for the opportunity to solve problems you care about using AI, electronics, digital fabrication, e-textiles, robotics, and more. We’re interested in working with young people (17-24) from underrepresented groups who are not in college now due to COVID-19 or other reasons. You don’t need to identify as a maker or have any relevant technical background. As a cohort, you will learn and work together and connect with mentors. We are now accepting applications for our first group of 12-15 candidates. Maker’s Dozen is a 4-month full-time virtual program. However, the program’s goal is to provide hands-on experiences that you can do remotely.

Program Benefits

  • $500/month stipend for four months and $500 budget for tools and supplies. $1000 upon completion of the final project and student portfolio.
  • Access to project management, documentation, and collaboration tools.
  • A lead instructor to guide you through the program and a cohort of peers.
  • Access to mentors who will meet weekly 1:1 via video calls, answer your questions via chat/email, and work with you to foster your talents.
  • Mentorship and coaching will help guide you, connect you to a community of practice in your interest area, and support you in designing and executing a project that will stretch your skills.

How to Apply

To qualify, you must first complete an online application by December 31.  You must be willing to put in 20+ hours a week in the program, doing work to develop new skills, collaborating with your peers and making projects.

You must be:

  • 17-24 years or older and a North American resident
  • Not currently enrolled in secondary or post-secondary school
  • Have access to a computer with Internet

Apply By December 31st!