Make: Learning Labs

What is Make: Learning Labs?

An inclusive, transformative experience designed for young adults who have not decided whether to pursue a four-year college degree or what kind of job or career to pursue.

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Why this Program is Important?

We believe diversity is core to Making having a positive effect on the world—technology is changing the world but who is changing technology? Diversity is necessary to ensure the advance of technology in the future is built to benefit everyone.

Learning Labs Snapshot

An immersive program that provides a practical, hands-on approach to creative problem solving, communications and collaboration.  Students in the program will be part of a small group, learning and making together.

Program Building Elements

Cutting Edge Technology

AI, Textiles, Robotics, and Digital Fabrication.

Culturally Relevant Projects

Local and contextualized projects to engage and excite students.

Project Management Methodologies

Agile, Scrum, and additional tools for students future applications.

Problem Solving Trajectory

Practice, reflection, and reiteration.


To guide students in discovering their talents and passions.


To encourage engagement of the program.

It's not about what you know, it's about what you can do with what you do know.
Enabled your learning and growth the follow your interests.
Connected you with makers and mentors from around the globe.
Guided the creations of projects with real-world impact.
Armed you with new technical, project management, and problem solving skills.
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What if there was a program in higher education that...

Make: Learning Labs has been developed by Nancy Otero who is Director of Learning at Make: Community. Nancy is an educator and software engineer. She has a master’s in education from Stanford and was an Open AI Scholar.
Nancy Otero
Director of Learning