Lab 2: Connecting More LEDs

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Light-Up Paper Cat
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Lab 2: Connecting More LEDs

Series and Parallel

This design takes the basic circuit and adds a second LED in parallel and a switch you press to turn it on. A switch that only stays on while you are pressing it closed is called a momentary switch (as shown in Figure 2-9).


  • Heavy paper, like construction paper or cardstock
  • Permanent marker
  • Copper or aluminum foil tape
  • CR2032 coin battery
  • LED
  • Small binder clip
Two LEDs in series
(Figure 2-7) Two LEDs in series
Two LEDs in parallel
(Figure 2-8) Two LEDs in parallel
Light-Up Paper Cat
(Figure 2-9) The paw on this Light-Up Paper Cat is a momentary switch. Press it, and the light comes on!
Light-Up Cat template
(Figure 2-10) Light-Up Cat template

Modify the Voltage

How can we modify the voltage in our circuit? 

We can use the multimeter to know the voltage throughout the circuit. Let’s try!

Two LEDs in series
Two LEDs in parallel
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