Meet The Maker’s Dozen

I am very eager to learn new skills that will be applicable to my future creative pursuits and interests, so I’m excited to have the opportunity to be part of this program!

Tessa Schwartz

Mountain View, California

I credit my love of learning to my early Montessori education where the option to explore topics of interest was always at the forefront. 

Marshall Piros

Monteray, california

I decided to stop trying to climb the corporate ladder and instead grab some yarn, a computer, and a sewing machine. I quit my job to pursue my lifelong interest in making things and cracking open items just to see how they work.

Regina Alatorre

Raleigh, North Carolina

I like to meet people and learn from them and I hope that somebody learns from me too.

Jannet Galván

Mexico City, mexico

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 This once-in-a-lifetime chance to turn my own idea into creation would never be possible without the access to resources and mentorship available to low-income, high achieving students such as myself.

Brian Mustafa

Rockville, maryland

I am thrilled to have the chance to work in-depth with master crafters to fine-tune my interests and explore options in my love of creating things. She is looking forward to trying new things so she can learn and grow and become a more skilled maker in the community.

Kate Southern

springville, utah

Meet The Makers Dozen

To be in Make: Learning Labs is an excellent opportunity to learn a lot of things in different areas, to be creative with the tools I learn to solve various issues, also to meet professionals and colleagues.

Rodrigo Moreno Oaxaca

Mexico City, Mexico

I knows this program will provide me with a hands-on experience that will help to shape the educational and career path that I pursue in my future.

Mia Farraday

mount prospect, illinois

I am interested in Make Learning Labs since I have always had a love for robotics. I want to continue learning more about robotics and programming.

Yolotzin Oreday Osorio Morales

Oaxaca, Mexico

I enjoy thinking about how to improve and customize things that are around me to simplify human life; that’s one of the reasons that motivate me to study engineering.

Dafne Isadora Cruz Medina

Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico

Make: Learning Labs Participant

I consider that technological advances, as well as the implementation of control, automation and robotics systems, allow the creation of new methods of production, research and development.

Saul Najera Aguirre

Mexico City, Mexico

I really love nature; it is like a force that you know exists in every moment and can give you the strength and wisdom you need in certain situations. I am also an artist.

Gabriela López Arredondo

Mexicali, Baja California, México.

I enjoy the unique creativity and problem solving abilities my brain provides me. I’m looking forward to working and learning with others through this program.

Ferren Kosciolek

Blairstown, New Jersey

I would like to create a mycofilter, utilizing oyster mushroom mycelium, that can be used globally to filter drinking water.

Lily Clarke

Missoula County, Montana