Jeff Beck

I have a lifelong interest in computers since I wrote my first program as a high school student in 1970.  I’m retired from Johnson & Johnson, and now enjoy sharing my love of physical computing with students of all ages.

Somerset, New Jersey

Mentoring: Gabriela López Arredondo

I works as an Audio Systems Engineer designing speakers at Sonos. As an avid maker, I spend my free time collecting tools, skills, and half-finished projects.

Quincy, Massachusetts

Mentoring: Mia Farraday
Sam Feine
Jay Hamlin

I love making things and I’m always working on a project, I have a complete EE lab at home as well as Lulzbot and Elegoo printers and a CNC laser router. I taught a few STEM classes this summer for neighborhood kids and loved it, I can’t wait to do more teaching.

Santa Cruz, California

Mentoring: Saúl Nájera Aguirre

I primarily focus on developing control systems and state estimation, as well as other flight software. I also have experience in integrating machine learning into robotics, which is my current day-job as a research scientist at DeepMind. 

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Mentoring: Fey Kosciolek
Rebecca Li
Hiren Vadalia
I have extensive experience of leading front to back FinTech initiatives and servicing clients through process engineering, automation, streamlining, system stability & is innovation.

Floral Park, New Jersey

Mentoring: Brian Mustafa

I have extensive experience in systems-oriented electrical engineering combined with a Master’s degree in Industrial Design, giving me the ability to envision how things should work from the user’s point of view while fully understanding the hidden technical complexities of how it actually happens.


Mentoring: Jannet Acosta Galván
Don Pancoe
Tiro Ovakporie
With over 15 years in events management , education and media, I started STEAM Africa Initiative in 2017 (Non profit) after having a eureka moment about the transition between the creation and our present day reality.

Lagos, Nigeria

I’m an Engineer, Maker and Researcher interested in designing hands-on learning experiences using Mathematics, Engineering Design and Art in informal settings like museums, makerspaces and playgrounds. I’m fond of basketball, dogs, and instant noodles!


Mentoring: Yolotzin Oreday Osorio
Khushbu Kshirsagar
Tommy Marshall
I’m a software engineer and maker from the Bay Area. I run Oskitone, a one-man design shop for electronic musical instruments and DIY synthesizers. My projects have appeared in Make: Magazine, Hackspace, and the Center for New Music.

San francisco, california

Mentoring: Marshall Piros
I’m a Maker Educator and I’ve been working in this field for the past 10 years. I currently manage the Marin Makerspace in Novato, CA and I’m a freelance web developer. I graduated from Smith College, where I earned a degree in computer science.

Berkeley, california

Mentoring: Rodrigo Moreno
Sara Bolduc
Tyler FuQua
I specialize in large-scale interactive art installations, among other things. From giant robots to spinning mirror-covered VW Bugs to Jurassic sized flowers, I like to blow the minds of people who come across my art.  I get my inspirations from all things nature and sci-fi related and I’m always trying to imagine what my next whimsical creation will be.

Eagle Creek, Oregon

Mentoring: Elizabeth Swartz

I’m founder and CEO of Amino Labs, the company pioneering the democratization of biotechnology. I’m a proud fellow of the Coaching Fellowship program for extraordinary young women leaders of impact.

Montreal, Canada

Mentoring: Regina Alatorre Nava
Julie Legault
Debra Daun
Already possessing a Biology degree, I also received a Computer Graphic Technology degree from Kankakee Community College at age 60. My greatest interests are 3D modeling and printing, producing items that have practical uses in everyday life.

Joliet, Illinois

Mentoring: Dafne Isadora Cruz Medina
I actively promote Maker Faires and serves as the founding director of Gearbox Labs in Wisconsin and on the board of directors for the Maker Space, Teach, Create, Grow in North Carolina.

Monterrey, Mexico

Mentoring: Lily Clarke
ISABEL Mendiola