Lesson 7, Topic 1
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Takes Me To

Nancy October 22, 2020
Nancy Otero is a laser cutter and AI fan. Her biggest passion is human learning, she has spent the last ten years working with educational organizations designing environments that mix technology with project-based learning. Nancy was the Founding Director of Learning Design at Portfolio School, a project-based learning school in NYC. Students from this program are the youngest presenters -6, 8, and 9 years old- at Stanford’s conference FabLearn. She was the Director of Professional Development at the awesome Beam Center in NYC, where she created a program that has served more than one hundred teachers and thousands of students. She co-founded FAB! a non-profit in Mexico that works with underserved communities for 5 years. Nancy was a OpenAI fellow, and a software engineer in her previous life. She has a Master in Learning, Design and Technology from Stanford University.
Time: Up to 5 minutes.
  1. Start by telling a story. 
  2. Midway through the story, stops on a noun, and point to another participant. 
  3. The selected participant starts, “[noun] takes me to,” and tells a personal story related to a memory associated with that noun. 
  4. The story continues until the storyteller stops at another noun and passes the story to a new participant. 
  5. The cycle of “[noun] takes me to” followed by a personal story that continues for several rounds.