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Design Thinking

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Design Thinking


Design 1

This is a Focusing stage.

Define - Focus

Reframe into a NEW Point of View.  The goal is to reframe the problem in a unique & concise way, grounded in insights from your users.

Define: What?

Construct a point of view, a unique, concise reframing of the problem that is grounded in user needs & insights.

Define 2
Define 3
Define 4
Define 5
Define 6

OXO story: need of extreme users lead to innovation that met needs of a much larger group.

How to come to POV? – Focus on a small number of vivid users’ needs. 

Define: How?

Come Together and Understand the Experience

Define 8
Define 7

Do it now!

45 min: empathy maps & nuggets for users

Identify User, Reveal the Needs, Articulate Insights

Who’s Your User?

Embrace Infant Warmer
What's a Need?

What’s an insight?

  • Why do you think this user really has this need?
  • Why is this need surprising or interesting?
  • How does this user/need play out in this context?

Point of View: Components

Point of view: components
Point of View 2
Point of View 3
Point of View 6
Point of View 7
Point of View 5
Point of View 9

Reframe the Problems Into a New Point of View

POV mad-lib

Do it now: POV mad-lib

40min group time: mad lib iterations

  1. generate users, needs, insights on post-its
  2. select & synthesize into a point of view
Erica POV
John POV

It is typical of organizations to use what they know about people, or about a market segment, and work from assumptions about what they need.

This does a great job of getting to functional needs, in this case, ways to make the commute FASTER, or SHORTER


We are going to share a repair experience with Erica/John.

We want you to pay attention to what Erica/John thinks, feels, and CARES about to understand needs that are below the surface.


Play: the role of an “imposter” ethnographer.

Note: what is important to Erica and John


What's Important to Erica?

Erica Info

What's Important to John?

How to Brainstorm

Brainstorming Rules

In the context of car maintenance … 


HMW enable Erica … 

To feel empowered

To appear knowledgeable

To trust her mechanic

To learn

To be independent


HMW enable John … 

To tackle a challenging problem

To be trusted

To build relationships with customers

To service knowledgeable clientele

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