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Lab 1: Exploration

Basic Paper Circuit


  • Paper
  • Copper or aluminum foil tape
  • CR2032 coin battery
  • LED

Step 1

Copy the template or draw your own version on a piece of paper. Keep it small so you can use one piece of tape for each section (and avoid having to connect pieces if possible). You will need to fold over your circuit so that one end touched the top of the battery, so put it near the corner of your paper.

Step 2

Now cover the lines that connect the LED to the battery with the metallic tape. When you get to a corner, gently fold the tape into a blend. If you must connect two pieces of tape, fold over the end of the new piece and place it overlapping the first piece. This will make sure that the metal sides of the tape are touching, in case the glue is not very conductive. Don’t forget to leave a gap for your LED!

Step 3

Gently bend the legs of the LED as shown, being careful not to snap them off. Place the LED in the gap so that the legs overlap the tape on either side. Use extra pieces of copper tape to hold them down. 

Step 4

To turn your circuit on, place the battery where marked and folder the corner of the paper so that the tape touches the battery.

A Simple Circuit
A simple circuit
Turn the Circuit on
To turn the circuit on, insert a battery where shown, fold the corner over it, and use a binder clip to hold it in place.
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