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3D Printing

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3D Printing

Practice Project

Create a Blueprint

Measuring and mapping things is often the first step to make a 3d printed piece. 

Let’s create a blueprint to replace something in your home!


Check this video on viewing objects in a 3D space.



Measuring tool (caliper or ruler)




Step 1

Decide which side of your object will be the top, right, left and bottom view.

Step 2

Draw your front view and note down the dimensions you might need like widths, lengths or radius. (Remember, it doesn’t need to be pretty. It just needs to be clear enough for you to understand how to replicate this object in a modeling program later)

Step 3

Add the right view and then a top view just as you did with the last step.

If needed add other views of your project.

Create a Blueprint
Chose your views

Make the 3D Model

Step 1

Now, let’s use TinkerCAD or Onshape to make the 3D model from your blueprint so we can print it and bring it into the physical world!


Check some TinkerCAD tutorials here.

How to export TinkerCAD to STL for printing.

Check some Onshape tutorials here.

How to export Onshape to STL for printing.

3D Models


What did you learn on this day?

What did you like about your work?

What gave you trouble today and how did you overcome it?

Print Project